Abrasive perforation

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Abrasive perforation is a well perforation technology that creates long narrow channels in formation through the well casing by pressure jet with abrasive substances.

It is a cost-efficient solution to create injectivity and enhance oil and gas production.

Operation process

  • The perforator is connected to the piping and depth matching is performed with logging or mechanical CCL
  • Casing cutting with proppant (up to 300
    kg/m3 of proppant)
  • Creation of mini frac with a penetration depth
    of the jet up to 8 meters (900 kg/m3 of proppant, up to 60 tons per one interval)
  • The perforator is raised to the next production interval
  • Activation ball drop and repeating of the operation

Key properties

  • No need to mobilize a complete frac fleet
  • Long narrow frac jet doesn’t destroy the formation baffles between oil, water, and gas
  • 5 mini fracs in one round trip
  • No need to use packers
  • Experienced specialists with over 140 perforated wells
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