Explosive-free hydro-slotted perforation

Unlimited perforations per 1 running operation

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Hydro-slotted perforation is a conservative way of perforation that minimizes damage to the cement stone behind the well casing.

The hydro-slotted perforator is equipped with wedge-shaped knives and water nozzles to penetrate formation and clean cavities for better infectivity.

Operation process

  • Perforating gun fixation on tubing
  • Running to the target depth, monitored by casing collar locator (CCL)
  • Explosive-free perforation (only water used)
  • Possible injection of acids and other fluids through the technological holes

Key properties

  • Significantly increases casing opening without explosives
  • Multiple perforations during 1 round trip
  • Both perforation and hydrochloric acid treatment through the perforator in one operation
  • Reduces perforation costs
  • Higher injectivity to enhance oil production
  • Reduces destruction of the cement stone and risk of risk and gas overflow behind the casing
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