Tunnel perforation

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Tunnel perforation is a conservative way of perforation that creates injectivity between the well and formation by cutting long slots or tunnels in the well casing with round cylinders. The perforator is equipped with jet nozzles that erode cement stone, forming caverns in the wellbore.

Operation process

  • The perforator is fixed on the tubing string
    and lowered to the perforation interval
  • Logging or mechanical CCL is used for depth matching
  • The pump unit creates initial pressure,
    activating the round cylinders
  • The cylinders cut the casing walls, forming long slots
    in the well casing
  • Jet nozzles erode the cement ring and rocks, forming caverns in the wellbore all along the slots
  • A special return mechanism ensures the closure
    of the cylinders

Key properties

  • Explosive free (only water used)
  • Higher injectivity to enhance oil production due to increased casing openings
  • Up to 40 meters of perforation slots in one round trip
  • Both perforation and hydrochloric acid treatment through the perforator in one operation
  • Reduces degradation of the cement stone
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