Well logging allows to build a complete picture of the geological section of a well. А complete record of information collected during the drilling of a well through geophysical surveys.

Key services

  • Comprehensive assessment of the reservoir,
    monitoring of the drilling process, collecting
    and storing lithological and technical information
  • Use of high-quality equipment, materials, and components
  • Metrological provision of measuring equipment
  • Control of operations technology
  • Training of personnel


Main types of logging services and operations:

  •  Directional and horizontal drilling support (LWD/MWD)
  •  Mud logging and geological technical logging with DST available on cable/pipes
  •  Wireline logging during drilling on cable/pipes and QUAD-neutron logging through casing
  •  Wireline logging during optimization and field development
  •  Cementing quality/integrity control and casing technical state control
  •  Well perforation services and thermo-gas-chemical formation stimulation
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